About Us

Welcome to Flame of the Forest

Welcome to Adventure Sports Holidays! With a variety of outdoor activities, sport courses, extreme experiences, activity days and water sports we'll help you find your next adventure.

We provide that perfect blend of activity and leisure so whether you are a business executive or a family looking for relaxation are you can trust us to offer you wonderful recuperation in natureas own workshop.

We are one of the pioneers of eco-tourism in Madhya Pradesh. Our Resort is designed to provide a unique kind of experience in a beautiful place far from the hustle and bustle of modern cities. We give you the chance to do something extraordinary. Come to us to relax in the scenic and tranquil surroundings or engage in a plethora of eco-friendly activities and land and water-based sports. We also have guided tours offering valuable insights into the forest of Madhya Pradesh. A remarkable wealth of bird species and exotic jungle safaris are a great source of attraction to every visitor.

The Resort

You have toiled the whole year, and now your body and soul are screaming for help to be released from the chains of career and the shackles of monotony. You need to soothe those aching muscles and revitalise that harried spirit. You need a holiday. No, you deserve one which provides that perfect blend of activity and leisure that combines beautiful scenery and pleasant company. As a corporate body or top institution you would be conscious of your most valued resource the business executive managers in the making and to keep them fighting fit, entrust them to us and watch their wonderful recuperation in natures own workshop.

Enjoy a relaxing holiday in the scenic and tranquil surroundings or engage in numerous eco-friendly activities and sports both land and water based. If you wish to explore the flora & fauna in our extensive forests and its environs, Flame of the forest has many options of guided tours offering valuable insights to the sights and sounds that surround you. Part of Madhya Pradesh bird friendly network, Flame of the forest has a wealth of bird species for the novice to the keen birder. Also available are a number of adventure sport activities and jungle safaris in which you could participate.

We invite you to explore our web site and learn about us, one of the ecotourism pioneers in Madhya Pradesh, and see how you can enjoy further tranquility and natural beauty of our resort.